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Everyone Codes: The ICU for Kids / Harry Leeds [read]

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Robin smiles / Simon Alderwick [read]



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Everyone Codes - The ICU for Kids



A person with an enlarged heart codes big

A person with diminished breath sounds codes small

Different kinds of people code in different ways

Different diseases, different colors, even different smells!

A person with pancreatitis codes suddenly

A person with blood cancer codes slowly

A computer programmer codes according to schedule

A middle-manager codes at frustratingly unclear times

A person with diabetes experiences renal failure then codes

A person with rheumatoid arthritis has joint pain then codes

A person who was caring is surrounded by friends then codes

A person with antisocial personality disorder experiences loneliness then codes

A person who led an unhealthy, nasty life can live a long time then code

A person who dedicated their existence to justice can code young

Some stop to code

Some do it on the move

Some code in the hospital

Others do it in a special place

Grown-ups code

Children code

Some code in diapers

Some code in diapers, and call them briefs

All living things live

So all living things code!

Your mom codes

Your doctor codes

Your barista codes

Your professor codes

Your mail carrier codes

CEOs code

Migrant workers code

Boris Johnson codes

Everyone codes



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Robin smiles

walking through town today
I see a guy dressed as Batman
climbing a high-rise

stood out in the street
is a guy dressed as Robin

“do you know that guy?"
I say, motioning up to Batman

Robin just looks at me and smiles

I try to interpret the smile
but it could mean
“yeah I know him."
“no, I don't."
“what do you think?"

“what's he doing?" I ask
and Robin smiles
(Fathers For Justice)
(fighting crime)
(hell if I know)

“is he OK?"
(he's a professional)
(I think he's a nutjob)
(he just wants to see his kid)

a crowd forms
some jeer
some cheer
Robin just stands and smiles

Batman turns
and waves
(hi guys)
(fuck you, Susan)
(help me)

and then he
(unfurls a banner)

and Robin smiles his stupid smile
(as Batman hits the floor)