What did you say, you've got a bachelor of f.arts? Well we all do in this day & age babe / up / down / left / right / or wld u rather watch a movie or read a poem about Andy Warhol? 

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Villa Rosa by Ian Williamson
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two films by Dagmar Schürrer


Andy Warhol is on film eating a Burger King Whopper🍔

Darcy May Gillham 


Andy Warhol is on film eating a Burger King Whopper

he is doing it with slow purpose     making a point

about American culture     to him the burger is perfect

in its replication of self    how it is always made exactly

this way     bun then patty then bun

its modest construction     passing through a long line

of hands     to him the burger is more    than a burger     

the quiet way he holds it      away from his body     

the way he holds his body    away from himself

the processed meat so far removed    from the cow

is dead and perfect     Andy is on film eating a burger he is dead 

now    but here he is always perfect    he never finishes 

his food     he wraps up the leftovers and pushes them

into a paper bag     he looks to the camera     Jørgen Leth is behind

he is about to speak     it is always like this     a bottle of Heinz 

ketchup stands self-aware    between them      the red sauce 

pushed up against the glass     its salts its sugars      thick and silent

its colouring its tomatoes    heavy and wanting